The ideal tasting glass.

Wine is greatly affected by the type of glass you drink it from, as different shapes and sizes can amazingly make the same wine taste different.

The Open Up flute is the best glass we have found for tasting sparkling wines so far, from old to new wines, rich to light.

The technicalities:

The flute is made of Kwarx, a new material developed by famed glassware producer ARC, which is bright, pure and (quite usefully) difficult to break. It is exceptional for looking at the wine in the glass.

The angled bowl enables an exceptionnal development of a wine's flavor. It is the perfect shape for swiriling a wine and causing the wine's molecules to break up in contact with the glass, opening up the wine and allowing the most flavour out. 

The large oxygenation area and the closed rims concentrates flavours, and the shape of the rim means the wine will hit the most important areas of your tongue.

Please note the flutes are priced individually but are sold in cases of 6

Open Up Flute